“I love the illumination of one’s natural beauty, the transformation, the drama…putting my signature on a face, whether it is the girl next door or well known name.. At the end of the day, beauty is all about the radiance from within. My professional experience and education, along with my ability to enhance one’s inner beauty through makeup and style helps others exude confidence and allure.  Let the beauty of your soul be the beauty you wear!”
                                                                                                             Mary K  Flaa

Mary Flaa attended MUD Makeup School for focused makeup training as well as Parsons School of Design. There she immersed herself in the teachings of art and design, while laying a foundation upon which she could build a career as a makeup artist. At MUD, Mary mastered the skills required to work at a professional level through research, preparation, theory, and hands-on application. Combined with her training in theory and color at Parsons, Mary learned the subtleties and nuances inherent in color, design, dimension, light, and shadow, and how to employ those elements in makeup application.

Utilizing her formal education, Mary launched her career in New York City, building a portfolio of work in TV and print. After garnering experience in those media, Mary expanded into work on commercials and in film. As she broadened her skills, gained valuable experience, and perfected her craft, industry professionals began to seek her out, bringing Mary on as makeup department head and entrusting her to achieve the looks they desired, while keeping production needs in focus.  With a positive attitude and a dynamic spirit, Mary has earned a reputation as a skilled, dependable makeup expert who is both talented and accommodating.

With a conviction that women are beautiful at every age, Mary has committed herself to sharing her knowledge of makeup, skin-care and hair-care “how-to’s” combined with techniques and products that work best for women over 50. Knowing both the changes and challenges that women face as they age, Mary has initiated a campaign for beauty, posting her professional tips online. Her objective—to help other women meet life with confidence and assurance that no matter what their age, they are beautiful inside and out!